Best Rug Cleaning Process

We have the best rug cleaning process in the business. It allows us to properly clean any type of rug you may have so that it will look its best when we are done. Whether you have a new rug or something antique, we can perform an effective deep cleaning that is extremely effective. Of course, we will take great care to ensure the rug is not damaged in any way during the cleaning. On this page you will have some details about the rug cleaning process and how it works. If at any point you have questions or want to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 718-840-3661.

Proper Rug Inspection

When we arrive at your home or business one of our cleaning professionals will start out by looking over the rug or rugs that are going to be cleaned. If you are having us clean your carpets or upholstery as well, we will inspect those items. This is to spot any problem areas, damage, or other issues so we know what we need to do to get everything cleaned. If you have any specific areas of concern, this would be the time to point them out as well.

Addressing Problem Areas

If there are any spots or stains on your rugs or carpets, we will start by treating them and cleaning that area directly. Starting with these parts of a rug is important because it will help to establish an even area to clean. It will also allow us to go over those problem areas multiple times, which is often necessary for completing removing spots and stains.


Repair & Restore Damage

If there is any type of damage to your rug, we can repair it so that it looks great. This is typically done on simple problems like a spot on the edge that is starting to fray, a spot where fibers are coming loose, and other related issues. If there is significant damage to the rug, we will have to bring it back to our facility to complete the repair or restoration. No matter where we do this type of work, we will make sure that the repaired work matches the rest of the rug properly so that you won't even be able to notice where the damage used to be.

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Deep Rug Cleaning

At this point any problems or abnormalities will have been fixed. In many cases the previous steps will be done within just a few minutes of us arriving. The bulk of the time we spend on a job is focused on deep cleaning the carpet. This is done using our powerful carpet and rug cleaning machines and effective cleaning products. Our team will go over every inch of the rug to ensure it all looks great. When done we will inspect the full rug again to make sure it looks just the way it should. You are also more than welcome to look things over to ensure you are satisfied. Of course, if you notice any problems after we leave, you can also give us a call at 718-840-3661 to let us know and we'll make it right.